our mission

Extend what’s possible for international offices and their clients. 

community driven development

Desktop Application

This is how you access all functional apps from JB International. 

We've made launching the application super simple and in line with the most up-to-date technology.

We Manage the Tech; You Manage the People

We built the system in the Azure Government platform so that we manage the implementation, ongoing updates, and everything in between. 

A secure, user-friendly, and SEVP-approved approach to make life way easier for you.

scholar and employee advising app



Full integration with SEVIS for your scholar population. Batch overnight with Trilby Suite or work directly in RTI for instant system syncing.

Digital signatures for DS-2019s in the works!


Trilby Suite supports all relevant USCIS forms with a direct-edit pdf solution. The JBI Team is also in communication with the USCIS API Team to ensure integration when it becomes possible.

FLAG System

Simplifying the employee process even more with a real-time integration with the DOL FLAG system, Trilby Suite helps with transparency and ensuring that  the process is fully tracked.


Online Services

Make life easy for scholars, employees, and hiring units by creating easy-to-use, custom online forms they can access anywhere. 

Each campus can theme and create an online presence to match official branding so that everyone feels welcome. 

Robust Reporting

v1 includes a custom report writing tool that makes pulling data out of the system easy for anyone in the office.

Our goal is for you to be able to see the big picture while also drilling down to specific populations. 


Never miss a beat with automatic notifications that let you and the scholar know when there is a compliance issue or a potential for there to be one. Or, perhaps, you simply want to know when someone's birthday is.

You'll have the freedom to make your own notifications in Trilby Suite above and beyond the ones we deliver!