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Driven by community engagement, Trilby Suite is now available as a scholar & employee immigration solution with full SEVIS, FLAG, and USCIS integrations.

 Next up - students.


Case Management

Office staff will have an action list all their own to manage. As to-do items come in, whether it's workflow related or a notification, they can be auto-assigned using predefined rules or manually assigned to the right individual. You can even create a to-do item for someone by mentioning them in a note on someone's record.

Going out of town? Pause your action list and have things reassigned to someone who's covering you. 

Hiring Unit Management

Scholars and employees are not the only clients you need to worry about, your departmental users are just as important! Trilby Suite makes managing your hiring units a breeze by allowing you to build your hierarch and be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish.

Once a hiring unit has a manager, they can maintain their unit through online services - add new contacts, remove old contacts, create default answers to questions on workflows they'll use regularly, and see reports made available to them.

Configurable Workflows

The JBI Team has created best-practice workflow templates that you can use out-of-the-box or after you've edited them to work best for your institution. You can also create workflows completely from scratch, if you're an overachiever like that.

We've also created a set of self-service workflows for scholars and employees to use to help maintain their profile with up-to-date information. Bottom line, our system won't limit you to a set way of doing things, and our team is there to help you get set-up for success.

Branded Online Services

Make life easy for scholars, employees, and hiring units by creating easy-to-use, custom online forms they can access anywhere. 

Each campus can theme and create an online presence to match official branding so that everyone feels welcome. 

Robust Reporting 

v1 includes a custom report writing tool that makes pulling data out of the system easy for anyone in the office. Office Users will have access to Dashboards that detail the incoming and current work of the whole office.

Our goal is for you to be able to see the big picture while also drilling down to specific populations. 

Proactive Notifications

Never miss a beat with automatic notifications that let you and the scholar know when there is a compliance issue or a potential for there to be one. Or, perhaps, you simply want to know when someone's birthday is.

You'll have the freedom to make your own notifications in Trilby Suite above and beyond the ones we deliver!


Security & Compliance

Our team has designed a secure and compliant platform with a hosting model whereby institutions retain sole access to their data. JBI has shared this model with SEVP and they have not expressed any concerns to date based on the 2005 Batch Processing Rules for Schools.

Data security is top of mind for our team. Our cybersecurity program includes a compliant HECVAT and VPAT, plus successful SOC2 Type I audit results that were produced by an external CPA firm for our organizational cybersecurity controls. Ongoing SOC2 Type II audits are planned.

We Manage the Tech; You Manage the People

We built the system in the Azure Government platform so that we manage the implementation, ongoing updates, and everything in between. The platform is authorized at the FedRAMP High Impact Level. Only US federal, state, local, tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated cloud instance, and JBI has been approved by Microsoft as such.

Aside from some help with integrating your login system and building your data feed, Trilby Suite is a hands-off solution for the IT department. Ongoing infrastructure support is handled by our team so that you'll always be up-to-date with the latest technologies, government updates, and version of Trilby Suite.

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