frequently asked questions

How do I get involved?

We would LOVE to have your input on product design and priority. Request to join our online community.  

Do we need IT staff to implement and use Trilby Suite?

Nope! We'll manage the tech; you manage the people. We worked with a team of experts to build the system in Microsoft Azure Government so that we manage the implementation, ongoing updates, and everything in between. Then, we sent an architectural document to SEVP for their approval. Our goal will always be to have a secure, user-friendly, and SEVP-approved approach so that life is way easier for you.

How much is this thing going to cost me?

Great question! We have worked hard to make this attainable for all budgets - get a quote today!

How does Trilby Suite compare to other solutions?

We've done our best to come up with a comprehensive product comparison chart, but if you have any specific question, just let us know!

Who are the brains behind Trilby Suite?

The team at JB International along with our community of users. We build everything with client input from the start. People > tech.